Roshni Howard

Roshni Howard

Aged Care Placement Consultant

Having lived in Cairns for 25 years, I have never been happier and am proud to call this tropical paradise my home. After working in various roles and industries, I finally discovered my passion in Aged Care. The joy of assisting and supporting families as they embark on a journey of finding the right Aged Care home for their mum, dad, or relatives is what I do best. Aged Care Placement Consultant

Surprisingly, most of the families I have helped were not aware of the amount of paperwork and information needed to transition their loved one into Aged Care. I have personally witnessed many families in situations where they were unable to take care of their loved ones which result in them feeling guilty and needing assurance that they are making the right decision.

Has this happened to you:

  • Your loved one has been admitted to hospital after a fall or an illness
  • The hospital advises you to start looking for an Aged Care home for your loved one as they cannot be sent home
  • The hospital or social worker has given you a list of Aged Care homes and has advised to start enquiring
  • Families become confused as their loved one cannot go back home
  • You are having trouble finding an Aged Care home that has available beds and you are concerned how will they treat your loved one
  • Booking a tour is overwhelming
  • At the tour families are surprised by the amount of paperwork needed
  • Rising costs of Aged Care with extra needs and benefits  
  • Will I be able to keep my pension?
  • Will I have enough to last my retirement?

I have had these questions asked to me many times. What surprises the families is how quickly their loved one adjusts to living in an Aged Care home. They find new friends and often have so much to do that they are too busy to contact their families. Aged Care is not what it used to be where an elderly person feel like their voice is not being heard.

Most of the times, it is the families that find it hard to adjust.